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I am Darshak, did my B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from a private college, MS (by research) in Fluid Mechanics from IIT Madras and now working at Ebara Corporation, Japan.

I am an average student with the positive attitude towards the life. I strongly believe that if one wants to achieve something in life, they can achieve it (it may take some time) but they will succeed at the end. You get only one life to achieve so if you are not able to do it till now then “Make it Possible Now”.

This blog is dedicated to the students who want to pursue higher studies through GATE. Basically, it will be through GATE Aerospace paper so I would speak my views and opinion regarding GATE exam and Post Graduation at IIT’s/NIT’s and the Central University of India.

The motivation behind doing GATE and studying for it

When I was in the 3rd year of engineering (2011), I found that just by doing engineering I will be not able to get good opportunities as far as a job is concerned in private organization. Even if I get into some good organization I will take time to grow. At some stage down the line, the growth will be stagnant and the reason for it would be the educational qualification. So I understood that doing M.Tech/MS (If you want to be in the technical field for minimum 5 years) would be a good option for a long run.

The next question was from where I should do my Masters, USA or Europe or India? After some initial research, I came to the conclusion that IIT would be a great choice. And we all know that IIT’s are the best place in India for technical education. Based on my initial research regarding the colleges, IIT’s are the best followed by NIT’s and Deemed Universities.

Colleges for Post Graduation in the order of preference after GATE AE

With Aerospace background, I have to clear GATE Aerospace Engineering (AE) paper. Based on GATE AE score, I can apply for all major old IIT’s (IIT-B, IIT-K, IIT-KGP, IIT-M) and IISc. There are few good government organizations such as DIAT (Defence Institute of Advanced Technology – Pune) and IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology – Trivandrum) where M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering can be pursued based on GATE AE score. In 2012, I came to the conclusion that with a Gate score more than 450 (around 45 marks out of 100), one can get a written and/or interview call from IIT’s and IISc (MSc [now M.Tech] in Engineering by research ).

With this initial information, I started preparing for GATE AE. From various forums and experts, the best advice I found that is to solve as many as numerical problems and previous years GATE question papers. Once you understand the pattern of the GATE question paper, your preparation will be automatically in that direction. For GATE preparation, the most important point to remember is that to read as many topics as you can and should try to cover the complete syllabus. I would recommend that nothing should be kept in the option.

Life Changing experience at IIT

The life at IIT is totally new, exciting and very good experience. You will have each and every count of the day which you will spend inside the campus. You will be living a dream life of many students across the country. I promise you that it will enhance your personality with the exposure you get inside the campus academically as well as extra circular activities. If someone asked me the best part of my life which I would love to live it again, the answer would be very simple. The life at IIT is like a life in heaven and you will miss it after you are graduated. The point I want to convey here is very simple, before you, many have gone through the same stage and got into IIT, with your batch also many will take admission in IIT’s and in future also many will be taking admission for sure. So “WHY NOT YOU?”. If you feel it as difficult, impossible task (indeed it is), then “MAKE IT POSSIBLE NOW”, you can do it. Actually, anyone can do it if they really want too.

Success is when an opportunity meets preparations. So it is better to be prepared for any situation rather than preparing at that moment when opportunity knocks at your door. For GATE exam and preparation, stay calm and focused. Practice as much as you can, read as much as you can. Don’t leave anything for the last moment. Try to cover each and every aspect of GATE pattern and syllabus thoroughly. These preparation days for GATE exam are most important and these can change everything for the rest of your life. Everything will fall into the correct places at the right place and at the right time if you have given your all sincere efforts. Hard work always gets paid off at the end.

This post is written by Darshak Bhuptani and is reproduced from his blog http://makeitpossiblenow.blogspot.in/. You can follow his blog for regular motivational, inspiring and informative articles about GATE, and life in general.
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Darshak Bhuptani

Darshak did his B.Tech in Aerospace Engg, MS (by research) in Fluid Mechanics from IIT Madras and now works at Ebara Corporation, Japan. He was a gateing student for GATE 2014 and is now an active Team Gateing member. He also runs his blog at http://makeitpossiblenow.blogspot.in/

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