Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP)

Following is the basic information about Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP).

1. It’s compulsory to register at COAP. Candidates who have applied for admission into an M.Tech. Programme in any of the participating academic institutes, will receive admission offers via COAP only.

2. Even if you register with COAP,  you still have to apply to each IIT/IISc individually and complete their selection process.

Start Date : 20 March 2020


Most of the IITs have announced their selection process and the dates of written test or interview. Now you need to attend every IITs selection process as absence at any stage will put you out of admissions. There might be clash of dates or dates of interview etc. may not be comfortable for you, in this case you can email the concerned IIT about your problem and they will try their best to help you in whatever way possible.

What is COAP?

COAP is a common platform for admission into an M.Tech. program, where all the participating Institutes will upload their offers in a common time window. (Important: Even if you register with COAP,  you still have to apply to each IIT/IISc individually and complete their selection process.)

Understand the need of COAP

Suppose a GATE AIR 10 in AE with GATE score 860. He/She might fill M.Tech forms at 5 old IITs and IISc and suppose gets selected in all of them. This person might reserve his M.Tech seat at all the IITs and IISc. Let’s assume this person gets selected in IISc and the offer letter comes in June. So till that time he will not leave his seat at other IITs and therefore the people below him will have 1 seat less for admission in these IITs. Now if already 3–4 rounds of IIT M.Tech process are over, the seat which he will vacate in June will go to spot round and might also go vacant. To solve this problem IITs initiated COAP in 2017.

(Important) After you register with COAP, you still have to apply to each IIT individually and complete their selection process. But now when they declare their result after each round (there are around 5 rounds with COAP) you will see all the M.Tech courses where you have been selected at one single place i.e. in the COAP portal.

Now unlike before a person won’t be able to reserve his seat at all the courses he is being offered but only reserve 1 single M.Tech course of his/her choice. This way one single person is able to reserve only 1 single seat of his choice and at last gets only 1 single seat after upgradation at end of all the rounds.

Therefore effectively more number of seats will be offered to other students and hence students with lower ranks will be able to secure seats at old IITs or atleast M.Tech seat in some IIT.

Tentative Schedule of main rounds of offers (Check COAP site if dates are revised):

Round No Time window for viewing of offers and making decision by a candidate
Round 1 May 20-22
Round 2 May 27-29
Round 3 June 03-05
Round 4 June 10-12
Round 5 June 17-19

Tentative Online additional rounds (05)

Round No Time window for viewing of offers and making decision by a candidate
Round – A June 24-25
Round – B June 30 – Jul 01
Round – C Jul 06-07
Round – D Jul 12-13
Round – E Jul 18-19

List of Participating Institutes:

Admission process is complex and lengthy in nature. We recommend everyone to keep their all options open by applying to all possible places.

Don’t miss admissions,
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Many people drop every year, while they could have got admission in current year. And many good rankers settle for seats when they could have got much better.Just because they were unaware!!

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Disclaimer : We have tried to consolidate this info from institute brochure and it will serve as Information purpose only and can not be challenged in a legal manner. Students are advised to correlate it with Admission Brochure available on Institute Website. Views expressed by any third party are not a responsibility of
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