GATE Aerospace 2018 Results - AIR 2, 4, 9, 18, 19, 19, 38, 43, 46, 66, 71, 81, 87, 103, 120, 152, 172, 187 ... & so on.

GATE Aerospace Coaching Packages


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Subject-wise Problem Sheets 6 Subjects x 3 Difficulty Levels 6 Subjects x 3 Difficulty Levels
General Aptitude Preparation Sheets yes yes
Detailed Previous GATE Solutions 2013 - 2018 2013 - 2018
Full Syllabus Online Mock Tests 8 15
Online Doubt Solving no yes
Admission Guru no yes
Price for Print & Post Rs. 4700 Rs. 7500
Go Green Save Paper & Save Money. You can save Rs. 550 by choosing our coaching package in Online form.
Price for Online Rs. 4150 Rs. 6950

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching Packages
What is 'Online' and 'Print & Post' coaching package?

If you subscribe to coaching package in Online form, all the material will be made available for download. While in Print & Post, the material will be sent to your address in printed form. You'd save Rs. 550 if you subscribe to online coaching package. This is the cost of printing and sending via post; and we directly pass on the benefit to you. Note that, in Online packages, the downloaded material can't be printed at your end.

Please remember, Mock Tests will be Online only in both type of coaching packages. We've done this because GATE itself is online and this will give you better experience.

In how much time will the material be made available after I register?

For 'Online' packages, it takes 15-20 minutes before your online account is activated. As soon as the account is active, you are ready to download the material and avail the services.

For 'Print & Post', the packages are dispatched via Speed Post/Courier within 1-2 working days of receiving payment. The transit time of the post depends on the distance of your place from Chandigarh. Typically it takes 4-5 working days to reach from Chandigarh to Chennai.

I Can't see Study notes in your package!!

We are of the opinion that study notes are nothing but a copy-paste of items from different books and websites. And the links to best books and websites is already available freely on our website (Check the list). This full set of best books can be bought from any Local or Online store for around Rs. 3000.

So we left out the notes and made our coaching packages more economical. After all, we are here to teach you; not to cheat you.

I already have GATE previous paper solutions!! How different are yours?

We're sure you have them, many books are already there in market. But they contain so many errors as reported by our students and faculty. We've tried to keep our solutions totally error free and we've also included the alternate ways of doing a problem (the shortcuts). These solutions are written keeping in mind a students' psychology and understanding levels.

Do you provide classroom coaching?

No. As per our philosophy, its impossible for anyone to open classes in all locations in India wherever aerospace students are. But we want to help everybody in every corner of India and Online is the best way to do that. So we always recommend online courses. We have crafted our online coaching packages in such a way that you'd never miss physical presence of a teacher.

If I choose Online package, can I take printouts of downloaded sheets at my end?

No. The material which you get in Online form is not printable. If you think studying is easier in print form then choose 'Print & Post' packages.

Can I get a discount?

Ummmmm. Can't say. But you can call us or write to us. If you can convince us, you get it.

If you have some further questions you can call or email us anytime, we’ll be happy to answer. Register by filling the form below:

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