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Following is the basic information about IIT Bombay Graduate and Post-graduate programs relevant to you.

IMPORTANT: Statement of Purpose for IITB
Candidates applying to Aerospace Engineering Department and Technology & Development have to submit a Statement of Purpose (SoP) where you have to share your views about Postgraduate studies at IIT (including your preparation). Its answer to the question ‘Why do you want to join IITB and the department?’. It should not exceed more than 500-600 words. Please include information about your past project/research work.
IMPORTANT: Spot Admissions at IITB
Once all the rounds of admission are complete and still a few seats are left (which always is the case), IIT B has an option for on the spot admissions. You need to report on the day of spot admission at IITB and can get admission if there’s no one with a rank higher than yours. So there is a high probability to get admission at the end of the admission process even for the GATE AIR 100+. New Spot admission date for Aerospace Engg will be announced on IITB webpage.
Admission Form Start Date : 21 March 2022
Admission Form Closing Date : 12 Apr 2022
Admission Brochure: M.Tech. :
Direct PhD :

At IITB, you can apply for M.Tech and Direct PhD

Eligibility criteria for M.Tech and M.Tech + PhD (Dual Degree)
  • B.Tech Aerospace + GATE AE / AeSI is also considered.
  • Minimum 60 % for open category while for SC/ST it is relaxed to 55%.

You can apply for following specializations (Maximum 10)

  1. AE1 – Aerodynamics – Aerospace Engineering
  2. AE2 – Dynamics & Control – Aerospace Engineering
  3. AE3 – Aerospace Propulsion – Aerospace Engineering
  4. AE4 – Aerospace Structure – Aerospace Engineering
  5. EN – Energy Systems Engineering – Energy Science & Engineering
  6. EV – Environmental Science and Engineering – Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering
  7. IO – Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IO) – Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IO)
  8. ME1 – Thermal & Fluids Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
  9. ME2 – Design Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
  10. MM4 – Corrosion Science & Engg – Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science
  11. SC – System and Controls Engineering – System and Controls Engineering
  12. TD – Technology and Development – Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas
  13.  ET – Educational technology

You can choose TA (2 year M.Tech.) and RA/PA (3 Year M.Tech.). For difference between Course and Research programs, kindly refer here. You should choose both so that you can be considered for all programs as per your score.

Eligibility criteria for Research Programs: For Direct PhD.
  • B.Tech Aerospace + GATE AE
  • Minimum 60 % for open category while for SC/ST it is relaxed to 55%

You can apply to following departments (maximum 3 departments )

  1. Aerospace Engineering (AE)
  2. Climate Studies (CM)
  3. Energy Science and Engineering (EN)
  4. Environmental Science and Engineering (EV)
  5. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IO)
  6. Management (MG) (with 2 year work experience)
  7. Mathematics (MA)
  8. Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  9. Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science (MM)
  10. Physics (PH)
  11. Policy Studies (PS) (with 2 year work experience)
  12. Systems and Control Engineering (SC)
  13. Technology and Development (TD)
  14. Urban Science and Engineering (US)
  15. Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MInDS)

Refer to brochure and shortlist Research Areas in selected 3 departments before filling the application form. Students with GATE rank greater than 100 are highly encouraged to apply for Direct PhD at IIT B as there is a good chance for getting shortlisted for the written test based on gate score.

For Aerospace Engg. the Online Test is scheduled on 29 April 2021 and Interviews are scheduled from 10-14 May 2021. Rest can be checked in brochure.

Admission process is complex and lengthy in nature. We recommend everyone to keep their all options open by applying to all possible places.

Disclaimer : We have tried to consolidate this info from institute brochure and it will serve as Information purpose only and can not be challenged in a legal manner. Students are advised to correlate it with Admission Brochure available on Institute Website. Views expressed by any third party are not a responsibility of
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