Virtual Calculators in GATE 2017?

Important : An update from official GATE website (Dated 12 Dec 2014) says that GATE 2015 committee has decided to allow the candidates to use their own non-programmable calculator for the GATE 2015 examination and hence, the on-line virtual calculator will not be available for GATE 2015.

"Your personal calculators are not allowed in GATE 2017" - but a VIRTUAL ON-SCREEN scientific CALCULATOR will be there on your computer screen.

GATE organising office has released details of this calculator and it will look like this

The calculator can be opened by clicking this link. It has all the necessary functions like power (root, square, nth power, nth root etc.), trigonometric (direct & inverse), logarithmic etc.

Working on a physical calculator is very comfortable but it could be little wacky using this on-screen calculator since most of us are not habitual of using mouse to do calculations. No need to worry though - "PRACTICE" is the word. Start from today, save this calculator page as a bookmark and use it for daily calculations. sadly it is not possible to save it in offline mode, so you'd always need an internet connection to use this.

Calculator is very intuitive to use, once you start practicing you'd get the knack of it. More information regarding the usage of calculator is available at GATE 2016 website. Hide your physical calculators and start practising on virtual calculator.

Wish you good luck for GATE 2017. Happy Gateing!!

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