GATE Aerospace 2018: Answers & Analysis

GATE Aerospace exam was conducted on 3 Feb 2018 in evening session. As reported by most of the students:

  1. Difficulty level of the full exam was Moderate.
  2. General Aptitude Section was Moderate.
  3. 1 mark questions were Easy to Moderate.
  4. 2 mark questions were Easy to Moderate.
  5. There were lot of Numerical Answer Type Questions.

The exam was a typical GATE exam with nothing fancy. For people who have done even a little bit of serious preparation and had a look at previous year question papers; the paper was a cakewalk. The paper was also closely matching with Gateing's Problem sheets and Mock Test questions in most subjects.


Cut-off marks : 30-34

Score for Rank 1-50 :  55+

Score for Rank 50-100 :  49-55

Score for Rank 100-150 :  45-49

You must get atleast 100 rank to get admission in a good IIT.

GATE Aerospace 2018 Answers

We have made it a collaborative project on facebook. Click on the image below to go to facebook and see the right answers.

Also GATE 2018 official key is now available, You can download it here:

Download GATE Aerospace Question Paper 2018

Download GATE Aerospace Answer Key 2018

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