GATE results are out and admissions for Jul-Aug batch based on GATE score was started in most institutes. Only a few tens of students with really good score get into their dream institutes - IISc or IITs. The admission process is very complex and it surely brings heartbreak for many. If you've got a low score this time, you might already be sad. Preparing for GATE 2023 is now what you might be thinking in deepest corner of your mind, but before that let us tell you what else can be done this year - The 10 Jobs after GATE Aerospace.


Opt for these if you are planning to study further and don't want to wait till admissions next year. Plus you got a 500+ score in GATE.

1. IIT Madras January intake (for MS & PhD)

IITM admissions take place twice an year. In January, fresh MS & PhD batches would start, forms will be available in Sep-Oct. Keep looking for that. Please note its not ME/M.Tech., its MS & PhD.

2. IIT Bombay January intake (for PhD)

PhD admissions in nearly all the institutes take place twice an year. Look out for IITB January PhD admission forms in Sep-Oct.

3. AcSIR Labs January intake (for PhD)

The Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research (AcSIR) was established by an Act of Parliament. The Participating CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) Labs give M.Tech-PhD and PhD degrees. PhD admissions are conducted twice an year. Lookout for these forms.

Website :


Opt for these if you wish to study further (not urgently), don't want to waste your current time at home and earn some experience & pocket money.

4. Project Assistanceship at IITs

Professors at IITs are engaged in numerous projects and they need Project Assistants from time to time. Keep looking for these vacancies on IIT websites or you can also contact a professor directly if you like his area of work. Profiles of all the professors are available on IIT websites, spend some time to search someone suitable for you.

You may get a remuneration anywhere between Rs. 15000-30000 per month depending on the type of project you are in. These professors can also recommend you for MS/PhD vacancies in good universities abroad since they have good links with professors there. You'd have fair chance of studying abroad with full scholarship. There is, however, no timeline when you can take admission - it may be one year or two years or even three, depending on the project you choose and/or your raport with professor.


These are temporary jobs in your field with a time span of 2 years max.

5. JRF at DRDO

Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) has 54 labs all over India and around 7-8 of these are working in the field of aerospace. These require Junior Research Fellows (JRF) from time to time to work on their projects. JRFs get a salary of Rs. 25000-33000 per month.

Keep looking for vacancies on DRDO website under Careers tab.

6. Project Assistanceship at ADA

Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore is the nodal agency for development of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). It rolls out Project Assistant offers from time to time. Salary is around Rs. 25000 per month. Keep looking for vacancies on ADA website under Recruitment tab.

7. Jobs at IITB through IRCC

The Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC) co-ordinates and facilitates all research and development activities at IIT Bombay. They announce Project Assistant & JRF vacancies regularly.

Website :

8. Jobs at IITM through IC&SR

The Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (IC&SR) takes care of projects given by Industry to IIT Madras. They announce Project Assistant & JRF vacancies regularly.

Website :


9.Jobs at HAL, NAL, ISRO

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) & ISRO recruit Engineers/Scientists every year. Keep looking for vacancies on their websites.

You'd start with an initial salary of Rs. 40,000+ with many other facilities applicable to govt. employees. And no doubt the type work will be very challenging. Be cautious - this whole entry process (including exam, interview, results) may take upto one year so keep preparing for GATE 2018 simultaneously, in case.

10. Jobs in Private companies

This is a difficult process and only meant for those who persevere. Keep applying in private companies - send biodatas, make calls, send emails. You may have to face rejection, failure in interviews and many other difficulties but, in worst case, after 4-5 failures you'd definitely get into a good company.


11. Prepare for GATE Aerospace 2023 - WITH DEDICATION

You can continue preparation of GATE Aerospace 2023 with any of the 10 options above and it is recommended that you keep the preparation on. However, if you are hard bent to study further then don't think twice. Just sit at home for another year and dedicate yourself to GATE Aerospace 2019 which will be held in February 2023.

6 months is a decent time to master your preparation and clear GATE.


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